Filter system

When solid fuels are burnt, pollutants are created which are removed from the combustion chamber exhaust gases by a flue gas cleaning system before they are released into the atmosphere. The task of the flue gas cleaning system is to clear the raw gases of dust and acidic constituents such as chlorine and sulphur. The power plant does not produce other pollutants to an extent that would require special cleaning of the gases.

The flue gas cleaning system consists of 1,100 baghouse filters that remove up to 99.9% of the dust from the raw gas.

The main focus is on the alveolar dust which is also known as respirable dust. Moreover, addition of hydrated lime also eliminates acidic constituents, dioxins and heavy metals. After that, the hydrated lime together with the ash is deposited in a container which is supplied to a certified specialised company for further ecological utilisation.

The cleaned gases exit the power plant via the 36 metres high chimney.

The resulting emission values for all pollutants are so low that any detrimental effect on the environment can be ruled out even in the most adverse weather conditions.