The hot and high-pressurised steam exiting the boiler is fed to the reaction blading steam turbine where it drives the turbine as it expands.

Via a reduction gear unit, a generator is coupled to the turbine in which electric power is generated at a voltage level of 10.5 kV and coupled into the medium-voltage switchgear. At the turbine, process steam is taken off at a vapour pressure of about 6 bar to preheat the feed water.The exhaust steam of the turbine is condensed in a machine condenser at a temperature of about 40°C and returned to the circuit. The heat of condensation released when the steam condenses is cooled down in a separate water circuit by means of a recooler. The turbine, the gear unit and the generator are installed on a joint base frame into which the lubricating and control oil circuit is also integrated. Lubricating and control oil are supplied to the turbine-generator unit by means of three pumps each of which has a different drive system.

This is to ensure the supply of lubricating and control oil during normal as well as during irregular operation.

Steam upstream the turbine: 65 bar, 450°C

Steam downstream the turbine: 0.07 bar, 40°C

Electric output: 11.34 MW